dinsdag 12 september 2017

Triumph yellow Pearl

Last Sunday we went to the flatlandsfestival in Lelystad (Netherlands) and I found some pics of the T140. I didn't race myself .
for more pics :

Some inforamtion about the bike

engine : 1977 T140 triumph 750cc,rebuild
frame : 1954 triumph pre unit swing arm
front fork : early 1900 Nsu (german) new spring
front wheel : 1966 triumph 6T double leading schoe, 18" dunlop tire
rear wheel : 1977 triumph T140 , 16" Englebert super balloon tire
rearbrake : Brembo ducati monster
handle bar : 1" tracker bar internal throttle
rear fender : Triumph Rib fender
gastank : ??? swapmeet
Oiltank :  Bsa b33
Seat : Marcel Miller
headlight : ??? swapmeet , led 12v
taillight : ??? swapmeet , led 12v
exhaust : JTbrothers
footpegs & controls : JTbrothers
sissybar : JTbrothers
kickstand & brackets : JTbrothers
rear shocks : HD sportster
ignition : Pazon & boyer bransden powerbox, no battery
carbs : 2x amal 930 velostacks

zaterdag 9 september 2017

Triumph 5T

Allmost done , front fender and throttle handle still to do. The top yoke and handle bar are non stock.

maandag 4 september 2017



Flat track training Speedway Heusden

this time I wasn't alone and it was fun battling with these guys 
Honda = Pascal Closet
Suzuki = Jonas Winnelinckx

My old triumph did good against the newer thunder...I'm going to manufacture a bigger rear sprocket on the qd drum and maybe a wider rim

zondag 3 september 2017


Finished her yesterday morning and went to the choppertown nation sideshow in Kaldenkirchen.  Won some Nice prices. Thanx Lutz and crew....